Solids distribution in hydrotransport process

K. Nandakumar, J. H. Masliyah, S. Liu, A. Afacan, S. Sanders

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Extraction process of bitumen from the oil sand ore must undergo an evolutionary change, as the mine sites farther away from the plant site must be developed in the future. At present the processes that breakup the lumps, liberate the bitumen from the sand grain and to some extent aerate the bitumen take place in the traditional rotating drum digester. As the distance between the plant site and the mine site is forced to increase, transportation of the ore by conveyor belt is not feasible and alternate technologies must be developed. Hydrotransport is one such technology in which a slurry of the ore is transported over long distance from the mine site to the extraction plant site. In the alternate technologies, the process of liberating and aerating the bitumen are to take place in the hydrotransport pipeline to some extent. While the total energy required to accomplish these steps can in principal be provided in the hydrotransport technology, and the industry is identifying the operating parameters of such a facility, it is becoming clear that the residence time of the slurry in the pipeline is significantly higher than in the traditional digester which introduces some new problems. In the proposed research, we are investigating the relationships between the solids content in the froth and the conditions (or environment) that produces the froth. We are designing a novel experimental setup in which we can control the shear environment. We plan to measure the solids content in both the bitumen and the aqueous phase as a function of controlled shear rate, the residence time of the mixture in the experimental cell, and the initial solids distribution between the aqueous and oleic phases.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCanadian International Petroleum Conference 2000, CIPC 2000
PublisherPetroleum Society of Canada (PETSOC)
ISBN (Print)9781613991077
StatePublished - 2000
Externally publishedYes
EventCanadian International Petroleum Conference 2000, CIPC 2000 - Calgary, Canada
Duration: 4 Jun 20008 Jun 2000

Publication series

NameCanadian International Petroleum Conference 2000, CIPC 2000


ConferenceCanadian International Petroleum Conference 2000, CIPC 2000


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