A site visit to ANSTO, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

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Professional ANSTO education officer, Marian Jones, guided us through the OPAL exposition hall, and the viewing platform over the neutron beam hall at the Bragg Institute. OPAL is Australia's unique, multipurpose nuclear reactor, which covers isotope production for medical applications, silicon doping by nuclear permutation, irradiation purposes, and the production of neutrons for the neutron scattering facility. The neuron scattering facility is a world standard large user facility, operating neutron diffractometers, spectrometers, small-angle scattering and imaging for soft matter and hard condensed matter. Both researchers and industry use the facility. The applications of the equipment encompass the fields of biology, earth sciences, materials sciences, engineering and industrial applications. We also had the opportunity to view a state-of-the-art high intensity powder diffractometer, called Wombat, located directly in front of the viewing platform. Wombat can take diffractograms within a few seconds, in order to study structural changes in materials while they undergo conditions such as heating, chemical reaction or are exposed to a magnetic field.
Original languageEnglish
JournalMaterials Australia
StatePublished - 1 Apr 2015
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